Thursday, August 26, 2010

FALL FABRIC TUMBLER TABLE RUNNER....Using my Studio cutter, and the large tumbler block, I cut 24 quilt shop quality fabrics into stacks and stacks of pieces.  I used 24 pieces to make this table runner. The finished piece measures about 36" X 21".  It went together "Lickety-Split"  I did set up a 1/4" seam guide.  The die cuts the corners you just match up the pieces...and GO.
I cut do many tumblers that I decided to make some kits, and offer them in my ETSY shop tomorrow...


  1. I love the tumbler die and your colors are great !!Feels like fall in the air..

  2. Why thank you Beautiful Seams.....I've been collecting fall fabrics for a while now...and frog fabrics, and cowboy fabrics and flannels for raggy quilts and...and...(sing this next part like Sonny and Cher).."and the list goes on..the list goes on...!!!"

  3. love the table runner idea for the tumbler!


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